What is Turbo Cider?

8 Feb

What is Turbo Cider?

Spend any amount of time talking about brewing and cider making and someone will bring up the topic of turbo cider. Now I hate to be dismissive, but most of the people who use the term apply it to barely drinkable loopy juice.

However the ‘turbo’ bit has nothing to do with final strength. It relates to speed. Turbo cider is quick to make because it does away with a key (and lengthy) part of classic cider making, and that is extracting fruit juice from apples.

Yes, turbo cider is made from off the shelf supermarket apple juice that might have been grown on the other side of the planet rather than being made from freshly pressed local apples.

So, can it be any good? Well… Yes it can. I have tasted some excellent ‘turbo cider’ in my time just as I have tasted and produced some awful gut rot using freshly pressed apples.

How to make good turbo cider

The key aspect of shop bought juice is that it has practically no bitterness so if you want that you will need to add some additional bitterness yourself. Tannin powder or a strong cup of tea will do the trick nicely.

Other than that, the usual cider making rules apply. You don’t need a special yeast, ordinary cider or champagne yeast is fine.

To my mind the key benefit of turbo cider making is that you are not tied to the harvest season or the availability of apples. If you wake up in spring and want to make cider, then just pop down the supermarket and get your ingredients.