Be a better cider maker and create drinks to be proud of.  The right cider making kit will be a big help.

On becoming a cider maker

The right attitude will help. Many people first get into this lark with the aim of getting leathered for a few pennies. Sure, you can make high strength brews for practically nothing, but add just a bit of effort and you can make drinks that taste absolutely fantastic.

The humble apple is an amazing fruit. Treat it with respect and it will  reward you with astounding drinks with a taste so utterly sublime that they really will change your life.  Honestly, even the most ham-fisted home brewer can create cider that is always equal and often far, far better than anything you can buy in the shops. Once you have got that far, the fun really begins.

Soon you will want to know if changing yeast produces a better cider? Then you will ask yourself, whether your apple tree can produce more fruits for you. Shortly after that you may have decided to try keeving your brew. Then what about designing the perfect label for your cider? There are a million avenues to explore and for all of us who have chosen this hobby, all started with a simple crunchy Apple. So, my advice is to take your time to read, learn, understand, practice and do it all over again.  Then you will become a truly great cider maker.